Longarm quilting! So many benefits!

Longarm quilting! So many benefits!

21st Jun 2024

Hi everyone!

Welcome to summer! This time of year is always so busy … warm weather, longer days and no school = outdoor activities, family/friend get-togethers, holiday celebrations, and vacations … fun, fun, fun!

Life has been a little crazy for me. APQS Quilt Path training, some vacation time and Handi Quilter Academy is keeping me on the road for a good part of June. I hope you’re finding a little quiet time to practice some self-care and enjoy a bit of quilting time!

Have you ever thought about why so many of us love longarm quilting? It’s not necessarily the ‘right’ fit for every quilter. But there are a lot of benefits, and that’s what we’re going to look at today.

The Benefits of Longarm Quilting

What I love about this topic is that it applies whether you own a longarm or rent time to use one. There are so many cool things about longarm quilting! Just consider the …

Increased Speed

Whether you free-motion quilt, follow pantograph patterns or do computerized quilting, quilting on the longarm is definitely faster than hand-quilting and probably faster than quilting on your domestic sewing machine … at least for larger quilts.

Improved Accuracy and Precision

This is the reason I hear most often as to why quilters want to do computerized quilting. You just can’t beat the precision!

Today’s longarm quilting machines provide improved stitch quality with stitch regulation and more consistent tension allowing for the meticulous, detailed quilting we appreciate and love.

Larger Workspace

Here’s another one of the main reasons so many quilters talk to me about longarm quilting.