Community enhances your quilting! You have options!

Community enhances your quilting! You have options!

25th May 2024

Hi everyone!

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The other day, a couple of renters were talking about watching their grandmothers, moms, aunts and neighbors sitting around a quilting frame, chatting and tying a quilt for an upcoming special occasion. They vividly remembered crawling under the frame and listening to the stories and laughter.

That’s a wonderful, warm image isn’t it? Personally, I love the thought of quilters working together … producing a beautiful quilt, yes, but also connecting, learning and supporting each other!

While times have changed and these ‘traditional’ gatherings aren’t very common anymore, the need for quilters to gather is still strong. Community continues to provide us with ways to connect and learn from each other. Community allows us to share skills, tips, challenges … and maybe a little good-natured gossip. And community continues to support our self-care.

So, let’s explore some of today’s options for joining a quilting community!

Local, In-person Quilting Communities

Quilt Guilds

Many of us live in areas supported by quilt guilds. And while each guild is unique, commonalities include regular in-person meetings, various educational opportunities, and community involvement.

For those of you living in our immediate area, active quilt guilds providing a wide range of offerings include:

   Darting Needles Quilt Guild (Appleton)

Darting Needles welcomes quilters of all skill levels. Its goals are to promote quilting, inspire quilting through classes and speakers, and share members’ talents with the community.

Checkout the Darting Needles website ( for more details and access to their registration form.

   Evergreen Quilters Guild (Green Bay)

The goals of the Evergreen Quilters Guild include promoting the art of quilting, providing an open forum for the exchange of quilting information and ideas, and sponsoring quilt-related shows, workshops, classes, and other activities. Membership is open to everyone interested in quilts and quilting.

Go to the Evergreen Quilters website ( for more information and access to their registration form.

   Crazy Quilters Guild, Inc. (Mukwonago)

 The mission of the Crazy Quilters Guild is to enrich the love of quilting by providing a means of sharing quilting experiences, to provide community outreach promoting quilting as an artform, and to give back to the community. Membership is open to anyone interested in the art of quilting.

Checkout the Crazy Quilters website ( for more details and access to their registration form.

   Scrappers Quilt Guild (Williams Bay)

If you live near Williams Bay check out the Scrapper's Quilt Guild on Facebook. Their group donates quilts to Twin Oaks (a local shelter) and they also welcome quilters of all skill levels.  

Did you notice all the community-related opportunities that guilds provide? Sewing days/nights, camps and retreats, specialty quilting groups, bus trips, etc. add lots of possibilities for interaction. If you haven’t already, investigate the quilt guilds available in your area!

Quilt Shops

Local quilt shops often promote community-related opportunities in support of selling their products. Here are a few great examples in our immediate area.

  Going to Pieces Quilt Shop (Appleton)

The Quilting Connection’s neighbor, Going to Pieces, hosts several events that support building quilting community. You may try one of their clubs, open sew or an in-person class. See for specific details.

Quilt-agious (Mukwonago)

Quilt-agious hosts several classes and special events, including a monthly Quilts of Valor Sew. See for their specific offerings.

  The Stitchery (Delavan)

The Stitchery in Delavan is the oldest quilt shop in Wisconsin!  They offer a monthly club meeting to connect and learn all about new projects.  See

The Quilting Connection (Elkhorn & Appleton)

I’m going to blow our own horn a bit, too. You know providing education is very important to us! Our in-person classes provide quality instruction supplemented by great discussion, hands-on learning and a little laughter and socializing!

I want to announce that Wendy Fuller has scheduled another series of her mega-popular free-motion and ruler based quilting classes for this October and November. Her all-day classes will again be offered in both Appleton and Elkhorn. See the Classes page of our website for details.

Most quilt shops provide opportunities to connect, share and learn. Have you investigated all the shops in your area to see what unique offerings each provides?

Religious and Community Service Organizations

This is a very personal choice, so I’m not going to provide the names of specific organizations but remember that many churches and community service organizations support groups that make quilts or related items for veterans, people dealing with illness, or anyone else in need.

These groups organize fulfilling ways for us to connect and learn while providing needed support to the communities we live in.

I’m sure many of you have other examples of in-person community-building opportunities. Perhaps you quilt with an informal group of friends and/or family members … producing collaborative projects or just working on your own.

But in-person gatherings aren’t our only options for joining quilting communities. Have you considered looking online?

Online Quilting Communities

Online options for building community may have an international following or serve a more local audience. And like in-person communities, each has its own focus.

Website Based Quilting Communities

Many group-related websites provide more resource information than interactive opportunities. However, explore each site to see what it offers. Here are a few examples.

Longarm University (

Longarm University offers in-person classes, online tutorials and various resources for longarm quilters. This site can help you expand your quilting skills or learn about running a longarm quilting business.

The primary community opportunities include in-person classes and occasional event listings.

Modern Quilt Guild (

While not longarm focused, joining a local chapter of MQG or participating in their in-person events will provide community opportunities. If you are local to our area, there is a Madison chapter.

QuiltingHub (

QuiltingHub is an online platform focused on connecting quilters with quilting organizations, shops and events. Please note that while the concept behind this website is great, its listings aren’t extensive!

Social Media Based Quilting Communities

Social media platforms abound … Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. As an overall purpose of social media is community building and interaction, you can find many quilting groups to consider. Here are a few examples.

Longarm Quilting World (Facebook)

This private group is for active longarm quilters who currently own a longarm quilting system. They are dedicated to the art and science of longarm quilting. They also proclaim to be THE most supportive and active longarm quilting community on Facebook. (Their words; not mine.)

To join this group, you will be asked to complete a membership survey and to agree to their group rules.

Longarm Quilter’s Mastermind (Facebook)

This private group’s purpose is to share ideas, support, positive criticisms, tips, links, etc. regarding longarm quilting. They welcome any machine owners or those shopping for a longarm.

If you decide to join this group, you must answer a question when you submit your request.

I’d love it if you shared which quilting communities you currently participate in. If you haven’t explored any of these options yet, check out one or two that interest you and report on your experience. Regardless, enjoy the benefits of connection, support, and continued learning!

And speaking of connection …

Important Quilting Connection Announcement/Reminder

Our website name has been updated. Please use to connect with us.

If you are still trying to use, you will not be able to reach our website!

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